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Seller Representation

Our experienced team of real estate attorneys are experienced in representing both residential and commercial sellers in a wide range of sales transactions.


Our representations include:


  • Reviewing Offer to Purchase Real Estate to protect seller's interests prior to accepting the Offer

  • Drafting and Negotiating Purchase and Sale Agreements for the sale of commercial and residential real estate

  • Working closely with Listing Agents to ensure all documents, certificates, and information are on hand to ensure a smooth closing

  • Resolving title issues of property to be sold if any title issues are found

  • Obtaining payoff statements to discharge any outstanding mortgage(s)

  • Drafting Deeds, Power of Attorneys, and other required documents

  • Reviewing and explaining settlement statements to sellers prior to closing

  • Attending closings with seller or on seller's behalf

  • Coordinating and ensuring that seller receives all seller's proceeds expediently

  • Resolving any and all post-closing issues efficiently and expediently on seller's behalf


Please contact us to discuss your sale and how we can represent you by calling us at 617-739-6977 or by scheduling a free consultation.

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