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Personal Injury

The Law Office of Boris B. Maiden  has processed and resolved well over one thousand (1,000) personal injury claims ranging from wrongful death to soft-tissue injuries.  Our goal is to assist each client in returning to his/her pre-accident condition, with full compensation for any loss, injury, and pain and suffering.  In situations involving permanent injury or loss, we conduct an in-depth valuation to maximize the clients benefits.  


Our attorneys and support staff at the Law Office of Boris B. Maiden take a comprehensive approach to assure proper handling of each claim. We assist clients in completing necessary reports and benefit claims forms, as well as securing all necessary records and evidence to support the claim.   We, at the Law Office of Boris B. Maiden, vigorously represent our clients' positions, whether in settlement negotiations, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.  


Please contact our personal injury team at the Law Office of Boris B. Maiden to obtain a free consultation regarding your personal injury claim. Please call us at 617-739-6977 or click to schedule a free consultation below.






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