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Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Not having enough money to handle overwhelming debt can be very stressful. If you are struggling with growing credit cards balances, frequent collection agency calls, unmanageably high mortgage payments, there are options available to remedy the situation. Attorneys at the Law Office of Boris B. Maiden will discuss your individual circumstances and advise if bankruptcy is the best solution. If you decide to proceed with wither Chapter 7 (straight bankruptcy) or Chapter 13 (wage earner bankruptcy), we will guide you through the filing process, be by your side at the Creditor’s Meeting and devise the best strategies of obtaining the discharge.


The Law Office of Boris B. Maiden attorneys have a broad range of experience in loan workouts and short sales. If bankruptcy filing is not the optimal solution for you, we will discuss alternatives and apply our expertise to improve your situation to the maximum. Please contact us to discuss your bankruptcy or short sale needs by calling 617-739-6977 or click to schedule a free consultation below.

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